French Press

The French Press steeps coffee grounds in hot water for 3-4 minutes. Once the coffee mixture has been steeped, a straining filter is submerged to strain the grounds and allow the coffee to be poured.


The French Press works best with coarsely ground coffee that is about the consistency of Kosher Salt. Using too fine a grind can result in grounds seeping through the filter and into the cup. Also, too fine a grind can over extract the coffee grounds and lead to a bitter taste.

Steps to brewing with a French Press

Step 1 - Pour coarsely ground coffee into French Press

Step 2 - Pour water just-off-the-boil over the grounds in a controlled consistent pour, attempting to make contact with as much of the grounds as possible

Step 3 - If not all of the grounds have made contact with the water, use a spoon to stir the dry grounds into the water. The entire French Press does not need to be stirred, just as long as all of the grounds have made contact with water and are able to steep

Step 4 - Place plunger on top of French Press in the up position

Step 5 - Allow coffee to steep for 3-4 minutes

Step 6 - Submerge the plunger with a slow and even push

Step 7 - Pour the coffee and enjoy

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