Pour Over

The pour over brew method consists of hot water being poured over coarsely ground coffee. The water passes through the coffee grounds and then through a filter as it drains out the bottom of the pour over device and into the cup.

Steps to brewing with a Pour Over

Step 1 - Place the pour over on top of cup

Step 2 - Place filter in pour over

Step 3 - Pour a small amount of water just-off-the-boil into filter in order to pre-rinse the filter, warm the pour over and warm the cup

Step 4 - Remove the pre-rinse water from cup

Step 5 - Pour coarsely ground coffee into filter

Step 6 - Pour a small amount of water over the coffee grounds, just enough water to saturate all of the grounds

Step 7 - Allow the water to soak into the grounds for about 20-30 seconds, this is called blooming. It allows the water to soak into the grounds and push out the carbon dioxide that is trapped in the grounds

Step 8 - Over the next approx. 2 minutes, pour water in a spiral pattern over the grounds, evenly and consistently saturating the grounds.

Step 9 - Wait for the coffee to finish draining through the pour over (approx. 20-60 seconds)

Step 10 - Remove pour over from cup and enjoy

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